change if operator while keeping phone number

  • 20 December 2022
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Hi, we have switched to 3 as family Black Friday deals and the sales person has filed documents that our numbers will be kept by sending them to other operators.


myself as the major account holder had my operator and phone number switch gone easily. My wife and my son still did not receive any messages that there numbers should be switched. Their numbers are listed in my account though. 

how should we deal with this issue? The old operator has not received any move related to their numbers. 

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Hi 🙂, @malzrigat 

Was it a sales person from “3” or other like Elgiganten  ?

Have they received new sim cards from 3 with a temporary number? where their old number will then be replaced at a specific date.

If the previous operator did not get the hang of it that there should be a number transfer, it is best to contact the person/place with whom you obtained the agreement.

Otherwise, it is to contact 3 customer service and they can review the matter so that it will be sorted out.

Sincerely F