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  • 7 September 2022
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Hello Team,


Want to know why I am getting this much high amount of bill when i have bar on amount that needs not to be exceeded.




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Bäst svar av frodrik91 7 September 2022, 20:48

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Hello 😉, @Raviraj Umardand 

Depending on whether you receive your invoice in paper form or E-invoice / direct debit. So you can see specifically what costs what, and even if there have been any additional costs.

Things like competitions that cost money, donating money to organizations or some subscription may appear that you use / have done, but may not remember that you did.
You can also see your invoice if you log in to Mitt3.

If you need more help deciphering your invoice, there is customer service that can review the invoice and tell you more about it.


As this is a public forum, there is not much we can do about personal information here. But it is customer service that has that option. Hope you get an explanation and get a handle on what is what on the invoice.


Best Regards F