Unusual/Ghost surfing cost abroad

  • 23 November 2022
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Hi, This is regarding the number 07XXXXXXX - one of the four family subscriptions used by my husband who has been in a gulf country since September 2022. It is so strange that his surfing cost is SEK512 for this month as of now (12:14 PM). I have checked (attached below) and it shows that he was charged even for 0 MB surfing. In fact, he uses a local number there and maintains the Swedish one only for incoming calls and SMSs. Kindly check and correct it accordingly.





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Hello🙂, @salina3k 

To get the best overview of how these expenses have arisen. So it is best to contact customer service, so they can look into the matter.

My guess could be that it could be a charge for incoming calls / sms or started "mb" surfing, alternative 3 answers or something similar in the background.

Hope you get some clarity on this.

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