People call me saying I called them when I have not called them

  • 4 January 2023
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Hi (apologies this is in English, but wanted to be more clear),


I keep receiving calls from people saying I have called them. I have not called people except my immediately family. How can other people be receiving calls from me when I am not using my phone or another device (e.g. iPad). Please let me know, this feels like there is another phone/device making calls that is not my iPhone.


Please let me know if you need more details or information.







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Hello 🙂, @samuel.pendergraph 

Are people who you have in your contact list calling back or is it random?


You can start looking at whether you have a system update to do on your phone but also ipad & other devices.

And see if it goes away after that. Because it does not appear to be people pretending to be, for example, from a bank or other sales. So it's probably not called "Spoofing" after all. Or "Phising" trying to commit fraud.


A few other tips to avoid salespeople or other annoying telephone operators. So there is this app & registry. Which is very useful.

trusted Caller ID app

Avoid unsolicited calls for marketing, sales or fundraising purposes. Call and follow the instructions to block your number. NIX-Telefon applies to all telephony and blocking costs nothing more than the cost of the call.