Questions about the cost of surfing while I'm on holiday abroad

  • 10 June 2024
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I traveled to China in March. According to my agreement, I have 60GB of free data outside of Sweden.

Please check the snapshot of the bill. I wasn't charged for 23.34MB used on March 29. However, I was charged 139.16KR for 0.8MB and 485.84KR for 2.23MB on March 30. After that, I wasn't charged again.

It's hard to understand this. Either I should be charged if I used up the 60GB of data outside of Sweden, or I shouldn't be charged at all. It's also strange that I was charged on both March 29 and 30, but neither charged on March 29 and 30, despite using data on both days.

Please help me check if the charge of 625KR is correct. 

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If you have 3Världen in your subscription you should not have been charged for mobile data in China. Did you have a connection in another country that is not part of 3Världen? We’re you also in another country or were you close to the border so that you connected to a neighbouring country?

Strangely, as I mentioned, I was both charged and not charged on March 29 and 30. How could this be when I was flying most of the time? I only had a connection when I landed in Göteborg, Frankfurt, and Hong Kong, all of which are in 3Världen. I guess something wrong in the billing system.



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@sjwinds Did you have your phone on airplane mode throughout the duration of the flight or did you by any time turn the airplane mode off? To, maybe, connect to Wi-Fi on board?