Put my abbonemang to 'sleep'

  • 16 January 2022
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I wont use my abonnemang for a while so i dont want to pay the whole faktura. I want to suspend my abonnemang (to have it unactived) but i dont want to completely get rid of my phone number.
Is there a way to keep my number and suspend/unactivate my abonnemang?? 



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@Maritxu Hello,


as far as I know, there is not any possibility to have your subscription paused for a certain amount of time with Three. A solution that might work for you, is to move your number to a pre paid card from Threes subsidiary Hallon. This way, you can top your card up once and your card will be valid for twelve months after the last top up. 

Please note, that you have one month notice period on your subscription with Three as long as you do not have any active binding period. 

I hope this answers your question? 👨🏾‍💻

Hey, Thank you. Now i need to find out how to transfer to another company? how is the transition… whats the first step?

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You can also convert your number to a prepaid card with 3. Probably easier. Just contact customer service or go to a 3 store. But to answer the question, if you want to transfer the number to another company, just ask them to do a “nummerportering”. Normally that can be done when you sign up for the plan, but I think it is less common for prepaid cards.