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  • 7 September 2023
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The amount Tre charges for roaming is insanely overpriced. I took a ferry from Göteborg to Fredrikshavn,Danmark. Honestly, i did not even get enough time to get engaged with my phone onboard the ferry as i was busy with my kid.  Yet Tre charged me 1700kr claiming that i had used 500MB. This is not the first time they did this. I along with every member of the family decided to leave Tre. I write this in here to warn other customers of such robbery. 

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@KungJohan Hi,


there are different kinds of roaming. On some ferries and airplane you can roam through satellite. The carriers that deliver this service have general high prices. 


When you are connected to one of these networks you get a text message from Three with the roaming costs, and you can then select to put your phone in flight mode or turn off data roaming. You can also contact customer service who can block your phone from connecting to satellite networks. 


When using a network from land, Three usually have the most competitive roaming prices you'll find. With 3Världen you can use your phone as home in 80 countries, and in EU/EES they have a generous allowance regarding the data you can use in comparison with some other carriers. 


If you are happy with Three in other ways, I’d say that the best thing you can do is to contact customer service to block the possibility to connect to satellite networks.