To end my 4 subscriptions

  • 30 March 2024
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Hi i have moved to Jörn skellefteå and there is no network for 3. Its very important for me to have our phones working, specially my kids. I have been a loyal customer to 3 for a very long time and hope you will help me the best way possible as soon as possible. I need to keep the same numbers if you help me to migrate to another operator. 

Kind regards


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@Polash04 Hello,


since this is a public forum you can not get help with customer specific errands. Please contact Customer Care and they’ll help you. You can find contact details here.

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As you have already discovered, 3 has no network coverage in Jörn and there are no imminent plans of expanding to Jörn in the coverage maps. It might change in the future, but it doesn’t help you here and now.

For now, you might want to enable Wi-Fi calling on your phones. That way you will be able to use your phones wherever Wi-Fi is available.

If you are not tied to 3 with a “bindningstid” (if you for example bought a phone) with you should be able to sign up with another operator directly and ask to port your numbers. If you however have “bindningstid” you need to contact customer service to work out a solution. There is always a possibility to ask for a final invoice “slutfaktura”, which includes all fixed charges to the end of your contract, but you might be able to work something out with customer service.