Tre only accepts swedish credit cards - anti EU?

  • 13 juli 2020
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I can’t reload my SIM card using a UK credit card. This has been the case for years and I believe is a breach of EU rules.


Before anyone says “you left the EU”, tre hasn’t been honouring UK cards for years and we’re still in the “transition period” so my card, and cards of all EU citizens, should work.


can you fix this please?



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Hello @J-L-2020 

We have never accepted foreign credit cards for payment by prepaid card. This applies to all countries in the world and all countries in the EU. This does not only affect England. You can only use a Swedish credit card at present.


From the website:


  • I want to buy shoes online from a company in Spain, using my Italian credit card. The website won't accept my card as it's not a Spanish credit card. Is the trader allowed to do that?

    NO. Under EU rules, traders are not allowed to discriminate based on nationality or country of residence. This means that if a trader accepts a particular brand of credit card, for example Visa, from Spain they have to accept the same brand of credit card from all EU countries.  
    Traders are allowed to choose which payment brands they accept – so, for example they can choose to accept Visa but not American Express. However, they are not allowed to refuse a payment card simply because it is from another EU country.

You might want to check with your legal department on why you’ve decided this rule doesn’t apply to you…


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Thank you for your patience and for lifting this @J-L-2020 . I have raised the issue to a person in charge. As this process can be delayed, I recommend that you buy a prepaid card at a Pressbyron or other retailer untill we figuered this out.