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  • 23 May 2021
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Hi Team

I orders Xiaomi Mi 11I from

At the time of purchase there was an offer that if I buy phone I will Get Mi True Wireless Earbuds and Mi Smart band 6. I order Phone but Not got earbuds and Smart 6. I called helpline and Customer Service Manager said to me That I should mail you with my Mobile MIME no. Please see attached Photo and Check the record and Please send me earbuds and Smart 6.

Please solve my problem as soon as possible.



M. Asif Farooq


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Hi, often when there is offers like this it involves some sort of registration in an app/on xiaomis website. 

I know Samsung has a “members” App where you need to register your purchase so you can use the campaign-offer. Maybe Xiaomi is utilising the same method? 

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Like @Chipsgeneralen mentioned, you need to order your headphones via If you have any questions regarding the offer, or if you have an issue with the order of the headphones, I recommend that you contact them as they are in charge of the offer. Their support-mail is: