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  • 23 April 2024
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Hej! my phone was hacked a few weeks ago - friends received my text messages but didn’t reconise me because the text messages showed that the messages were coming from another number.

I immediately factory reset my phone but now I am having problems because it seems that my service is attached to another device. The phone is a HUAWEI P30 lite - model MAR-LX1A.

My problems:

1). Since the reset, I cannot restore my MSDefender protection - the alert message I get is “Your mobile device isn’t fully protected”. I click on “see details”. It says “Protection is Off”. Under “What to do right away” it says “Go to the Android device “MAR-LX1A” to turn on malware protection and protect it from potential threats”. How do I do that?

2). I was trying to restore My train pass on the Interrail app, but the app says: “You are already using your Pass on another device”. I have the option to “Move pass”. The next question is “Do you have your old phone and is it still working?” If I click “No” my choices are 1) “My phone got stolen”, 2) “I’ve lost my phone”, 3) My phone got damaged”. I may only move my Pass to another device once!

If I click on “yes” I am given instructions for how to deactive the Pass on my other device.

Please explain what could be happening here and how I can fix these two problems.

Thanks in advance



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