why my invoice is much high

  • 8 March 2023
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I am not receiving any invoice.

And I want to stop extra charger.

Why my invoice is v High..


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Hejsan 🙂, @Inayat 

You can view your invoice by logging in at the link below. There you can also see in detail what the costs are.



Here you will get help with deciphering what the invoice shows.



A bit unclear to me if you have Autogiro or E-invoice at the moment.Since you mention that you do not receive an invoice

But here you have links to be able to apply for it, so you avoid the invoice cost of SEK 49/per month.


Hope this will help you with your question. ( The links are only in Swedish. But maybee can use a translator for help.


Hello. I have received an invoice for the amount of 1114.  While the amount of my invoices is about six hundred and fifty SEK. What is the reason for that? My invoice number is 5xxxxxxxxxx. Please answer to my email or send message. My email address is

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You need to contact support to get help with your invoice. 

Here is the way to reach them.


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