How to unlock the sim card?

  • 17 April 2023
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I put the new SIM card number into the phone today, and it immediately shows that the SIM card is locked. How can I unlock it?


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Hi 🙂, @maggie gao 

Do you have any letter that the sim card came with? Maybe it says the pin code. Alternative if it is written on the "plastic card" itself.

Otherwise, you may enter the wrong pin code. So you need to enter the PUK code. Which you download from the 3 website. Log in to Mitt3 in the app or browser.


Follow these steps if you've forgotten your PIN:

     Take out your eight-digit PUK code.
     Enter the wrong PIN three times.
     Enter your PUK - code.
     Create a new pin code.


Hope it works for you. Otherwise, let me know and I can help you more. 😉