Looking for kontantkort alternative

  • 12 November 2021
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For many years  i use the Tre Kontantkort for my mobile router.
Today i found out that the prepaid option will be discontinued early 2022.
Since i do not have a swedish person number i am out of options at Tre.

Would, that looks to be part of the same comapny as Tre,  be a good alternative ?

I am not sure if they are selling “värdebevis” through distributors like shops.

And how are the chances that i can use my Tre router (Huawei E5573s) with a hallon sim card?


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@besokare-i-sverige Hello,


Hallon is a trademark owned by Three, so you'll have the same network and network quality if you choose to use Hallon instead. You without any issue use a SIM card from Hallon in your router from Three. 

I do not believe that Hallon sells refills though any physical store or chain, but you can easily refill a Hallon-card through their website. If I'm not wrong, the only requirement is that you have a credit or debit card issued in Sweden.