Lost SIM card

  • 31 October 2021
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Hi unfortunately
lost my hasbend simcard

and this phone number is <removed>

// Redigerat // - Ämnets text har redigerats då delar inte följde våra riktlinjer

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Hi , if you have lost your sim-card then u need to contact “3 “ store or support on telephone to get a new one .

It goes faster if you go to a local 3 store and they will help you quickly . And you need ID ,driver license or something thats tells it is you . 


Best regards F 

@Amir Algomaa 

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@Amir Algomaa Hello,


as @frodrik91 says, you will need a new sim-card which you can obtain by contacting Three customer service or by visiting a Three-store. You can also order one through “Mitt3” - and if your phone supports eSIM you will get a QR-code presented directly which you can use to activate the eSIM in your phone right away.