Poor data transfer

  • 19 September 2023
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Hello.I think it's a major problem with signal quality on my place.Signal bars are illuminated red instead blue on router like it was before.

Since couple days my internet transfer data slow down significantly.There is like 2Mbps instead at least 60 Mbps, like it was usualy.I find the problem is on 3 net because comparing to 4G connected phone on same operator is poor as 1Mbps.Please check what's happened in Klågerup area(post code 23375) , where I live.

I'ts urgent issue to fix



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Hello, @Kurek 

Which router and model are you experiencing problems with?
And there has been no difference after rebooting the router and phone.

There are no registered disturbances at the moment.

Are you still experiencing problems? Welcome to contact 3 Customer Service.

Here you have their contact details.