No sound transmission abroad

  • 5 July 2022
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I was/am abroad this summer and tried to make and receive calls (from Hungary and Greece). I can call someone and they can call me, but when I am in the call, I cannot hear anything when they speak, and they cannot hear me either (tested this with my wife). I can send and receive text and data works just fine. What can be the problem? Calls work fine in Sweden.

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Hi , Welcome 👋🏻, Sorry to hear About your speeching problems . 

You talked to same person / number in hungary and greece and you cant hear them  , and they cant hear you ? But in sweden Calls and everything works fine between u and your wife or more people ? 

What brand and modell do you and the other use ? 
and are u using some app ? 

  1. All can restart your phones .
  2. All can look so software is updated . Both ( settings → software update ) . And update apps in playstore or appstore . 
  3. Works it  with headset / earplugs ? 
    Works it with speaker on ?
  4. Look on that contact if it is blocked for calls somehow . 

hope it Will work soon for u :) 


best regards , F